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30-01-13, 17:05
Have hit a brick wall with this one after years of trying ! Henry c.1760 was married East Budleigh Devon 1789 to Deborah Sanders (b.1763 of Woodbury East Budleigh)

They had children Martha 1790, George 1793,Mary 1796,John 1799 and it would appear Robert c.1800.( not evident in BMD's but referred to elsewhere.)

I am trying to find out anything about Henry ie. where he was born, his parents etc. I already have extensive info on his family and relatives all over East Budleigh-Woodbury-Colaton Raleigh etc. but nothing going back from him ! My information sources so far are Ancestry,FMP,IGI and DFHS.
Any help in trying to crack this one would be very much appreciated...


Sunny Rosy
18-02-13, 20:51
I will take a look for you within the next few days,when I will be going to the RO in Exeter.

sunny rosy

19-02-13, 09:09
Hello again Rosy ! Must be eighteen months since we last corresponded re Henry. I have tried and tried to find his roots without anything conclusive. DFHS has transcribed Parish records for some but not all, although I gather from a conversation with the DRO that FMP have been there a while and records shoud be available on line towards the end of the year. I'm sure Henry came from one of the Parishes within the Deanery of Aylebeare but which one is still a mystery. The other theory I have and mainly due to the follow through of Christian names in familys back then is that he could have originated from the Uffculme/Culmstock area, only 10/12 miles from East Budleigh!

Anyway thanks again for your continued interest and offer of help in tracking down my Hitchcocks...


Sunny Rosy
26-02-13, 19:21
Hi Robin. I have pored over so many microfiche today that I am bog eyed.!!LOL. I first found the marriage for Henry and Deborah on the 13/11/1789 in East Budliegh, I assume he was resident there as it did not say he was from another parish. The witnesses at the marriage were Betty Barratt or Burnett? and Sarah Batstone ( I did see those family names throughout East Budleigh transcriptions)

I searched through the following :
East Budleigh
Colaton Raleigh
Littleham,Exmouth and found nothing, I started in baptisms from 1755 -1765 to give Henry a chance to be older. I also, looked through marriages for possible parents marriage. The only Hitchcocks I came across were Mary Hitchcock married Rob Spindey?? (sp, the writing was shocking) and Joan Hitchcock who married George Baker both marriages in Culmstock in 1748.
I also studied a volume containing baptisms,marriages and deaths for East Budleigh dating from the 1600's where I found Henry and Deborah and the children , but no other Hitchcocks. The info was done by some eager beaver who was a resident of East Budleigh who transcribed it all, it gave baptism, marriage and burial dates for all those mentioned within it. It was very comprehensive.
I haven't yet looked in Uffculme, as I ran out of time again, although it's not that far as the crow flies it's not easy going from East Budleigh. I will be going again soon, the parishes are going on line but don't know how soon that will be, the guy didn't know at the RO.
I did come across a family member of my friend back in 1758 as I was looking for Hitchcocks.

kind regards Rosy

27-02-13, 14:27
Hi Rosy,

I can't thank you enough for the time you have spent on Henry & Co. for me.
I don't want to get too excited but there may well be a clue in what you have found !
When Henry and Deborah married you say that one of the witnesses was Betty Barrett(Burnett)
Well in the 1841 Census Deborah was 80 and living with Son John and family at Bagmoore Farm Woodbury, also recorded on the census next (Farm) was Joseph Hitchcock son of James and Betty!
I wonder if James married a Betty Barrett and she was the witness at Henry's wedding ? If she is it would also suggest that Henry had a relative in the area brother/cousin ie: James ?
Just a theory which I shall now try and prove or dismiss...
My hunch too is that they are probably Uffculme Hitchcocks originally so I really look forward to anything you might dig up there !

Thank you again Rosy and if you need anything from me that saves time just let me know.

Best wishes


Sunny Rosy
27-02-13, 16:36
Robin I have pm'd you with some exciting news , which I hope will lead us to Henry.

best wishes Rosy

Sunny Rosy
01-03-13, 18:50
Could this be Henry baptised 26/12/1749 in Uffculme, son of Henry and Dorothy Ball married 21/9/1747 , they also had a daughter Mary baptised 15/12/1751. Father Henry may have been son of Henry and Jone, his baptism was 10/20/1726, see LDS. I was just looking at deaths in East Budleigh for Henry before 1841 as Deborah was on her own then, but the 2 minute bell went for closing time!!! at the RO. B*m.!! We haven't got a death date for him have we? I jotted down a lot of baptisms for Hitchcock in Uffculme, I have just seen them on LDS site too. I still intend to speak with the last owner of the farm I mentioned, prolly tomorrow.

rosy x

02-03-13, 12:12
Hi Rosy,

I have had a hunch about Uffculme for some time now ,nothing tangible just circumstantial and theories !

The upside of Henry & Deborah is that I have managed to take Deborah’s lines some way back through Sanders, Bishop, and finally Ellyot 1588 + Sanders, Snelling, and finally Salter 1566 ; All in the East Budleigh reg district which included Woodbury at that time.
Henry on the other hand ! well he appeared from nowhere and seems to have disappeared the same way. I do have a date for death of the 25th July 1805 in East Budleigh, I have tried to find this record again and failed ! so I can’t vouch for its reliability.
The only info we have on him is patchy i.e. residency ,marriage, children and that Deborah was a Widow in 1841 living with son John at Bagmoore. Elizabeth Howards transcribed records for East Budleigh show no death for a Henry Hitchcock during the relevant period which is puzzling?
Here are some of my theories; Deborah’s first child was named after her grandmother Martha Bishop: Deborah’s second child was named George after father/grandfather on Henry’s side: Deborah’s third child Mary could well be named after Henry’s sister if he is indeed our Uffculme Henry!
There are a lot of Hithcocks in East Budleigh and surrounding districts and in terms of age etc. Hithcock families of parallel generations, which makes me think that Henry had brothers ,sisters and cousins in close proximity !
Robert the youngest son 1802(appox) is an interesting one as we only know of his existence through Milleny his wife recorded on the census as (sister-in-law) living with brother-in-law John at Bagmoore.
There are a few other candidates around the Uffculme/Culmstock area on the IGI if I remember and when you look at family names they seem to have a correlation with those used by Henry in his family , as I say just a theory but based on the fact that back then it was traditional, respectful and more the norm than not to name children after family members.
Uffculme Henry 1749 would have been 15/16 yrs older than Deborah and 55 yrs old when last child Robert was born. I had him earmarked as a possible so it’s interesting that you have picked him out too.
Shame you ran out of time at the DRO! I’m sure that district has more to reveal.
I really hope your friends of Bagmoore are able to throw some light on matters although we are going back some 200yrs !

Rosy , I know I keep saying it but I really do appreciate your help trying to find our Henry ...

Bye for now

Best wishes


Ps. I should know but what is LDS an acronym for ?

Sunny Rosy
02-03-13, 18:09
LDS is the Mormon site, i.e.IGI Family Search. I didn't find a Henry born in Uffculme any later I looked right up until 1870. Now I know where to look I should be able to find out more. The RO is open Tues-Friday. I just wish someone could break down my brick walls too!. LOL.


22-04-16, 16:43
I am related to Henry and Deborah Hitchcock. Send me a PM.