View Full Version : Record Office: Barnstaple RO look-up needed please

Sunny Rosy
29-01-13, 14:28
Nellie Alice Morton c 1890 gave birth to Irene Morton in June 1910 at Barnstaple Workhouse,19 Alexandra Road, Barnstaple. On the 1911 census Nellie who was in Ilfracombe in service,says that she was born in London, the only Nellie, in London, I could find was born in 1890 and died 1891. I don't know if it's possible to view the Workhouse admissions for 1910 for any info on nellie Please.

sunny r

Sunny Rosy
06-03-13, 22:45
I have learned today that the admission records for this workhouse in 1910 have been destroyed or lost, so am unable to check anything.