View Full Version : Are these men wearing a typ of uniform?

27-01-13, 00:25
Hi all iv just been give a really old tin containing photos from my Nan, inside i have found these 2 and am curious if this is a type of uniform and if it is can any one identify them?



27-01-13, 16:13
Not sure about the first one - yes it definitely looks like a uniform - but what? sorry haven't a clue. The second one is from the second world war. But cannot see any identifying marks

Night Owl
27-01-13, 17:03
The first one looks similar to photos I've seen of chauffeurs / drivers. Have a look here and there's a similar uniform.


It also reminds me of the chauffeur in Downton Abbey (Branson) - I don't know if you've seen that in Australia. I presume his uniform was historically accurate. Of course there could have been other occupations that wore a similar uniform

Christine in Herts
27-01-13, 20:56
The second one seems to have a corporal's stripes on his right arm.

Someone with specialist knowledge would probably be able to recognise the medal stripes above his left pocket. there also seems ot be some kind of lettering on his left epaulette, but I'm not certain that it's a Western-style script. If you could work out what that says - or what language it's in - that could get you a long way towards knowling what the uniform is.


28-01-13, 09:39
Thankyou for your thoughts, i have found another photo that i belive has the same man as portrait (second pic in firts post) do you think the man on the left is indeed the same man?


28-01-13, 15:22
Yes very likely.

Christine in Herts
28-01-13, 16:19
I reckon it's the same man. Certainly the general facial appearance is very similar; the medal ribbon appears similar, and similarly placed; the rank looks as if it could be corporal, too. the left ear appears to be the same shape - quite a distinctive identifier, in general, I believe.


29-01-13, 08:13
Thankyou !!! :D