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26-01-13, 23:49
My gt gt grandfather, (William) Price Evans was born 1845 in Leeswood, Flintshire.
His parents were Isaac and Ellenor.
In 1851 they lived in Wrexham, Denbighshire.
He married Jane Jones at the age of 20 in Birkenhead, his profession being a Cooper.
I can then follow the family to Rochdale, where my grandmother remembered Jane, speaking welsh.

Val wish Id never started
27-01-13, 00:07
cannot find him sorry can you put the 1851 census link up

27-01-13, 00:21
Hope this works:


27-01-13, 00:23
Piece 2503
Folio 494
Page 43

Val wish Id never started
27-01-13, 01:28
yes thats worked fine shall have another go looking

Val wish Id never started
27-01-13, 01:40
tried all I can think of but nothing , somebody will probably come along and find him

27-01-13, 02:27
Thanks for trying!

Sylvia C
27-01-13, 05:37
Is this the family from the 1851 Census?

Name Age
Isaac Evans 37
Ellenor Evans 37
Ann Evans 13
Emma Evans 9
Price Evans 6
Isaac Evans 4 b.ca 1847, no birthplace given

Address:- 7 Bridge Lane

and now ancestry is messing around with the "view". YUK!

27-01-13, 05:49
Yes, that's them, living in Wrexham.

27-01-13, 05:53
I have searched and searched. The only thing I can find connected to the family for 1861 is this


possibly his sisters Emma and Ann working as Nurse/Nursemaid

There are 2 trees on Ancestry who have another William Price/Pryce b 1845 Leeswood, Flintshire and married to a Jane in 1870/71 but they have different parents ie William and Jane

Val wish Id never started
27-01-13, 15:17
yes I saw that tree too but thought it couldn't be him ?

27-01-13, 18:09
I've already noted that census of Emma, thanks.

27-01-13, 18:26
In later life he was known as William Price, so am wondering if this could be him in 1861?

http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=view&r=5538&dbid=8768&iid=FLNRG9_4265_4272-0229&fn=William&ln=Evans&st=r&ssrc=pt_t9350091_p-811829158_ktidz0q3d9350091z0q26pidz0q3d-811829158z0q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dtidz0q257c pidz0q26pgpsz0q3d-811829158_m1&pid=15401781

28-01-13, 05:26
Its a possibility but I note that the place of birth is different from that given for Price Evans in 1851 but no good on Welsh town so maybe close by.

Do you have the marriage cert of William Price and Jane and if so what is the occupation of his father.

Uncle John
28-01-13, 14:32
So what place names do you have? I'm quite good on geography.

29-01-13, 20:33
He was born on Leeswood, Flintshire, which is near Mold, I think.

29-01-13, 20:36
His father, Isaac was a Sawyer in 1851.