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20-01-13, 18:34
Can anyone find a baptism at St Mary Abbots Kensington Middlesex please?

I am looking for an Elizabeth Purdy possibly baptised 1821-1830, parents were George and Mary.

Many thanks

Elaine ..Spain
20-01-13, 20:10
Baptism for St Mary Abbots Kensington seem to be transcribed in the LMA collection on Ancestry, but I cannot see anything there.
Were there any siblings that you know of, just to see if they have been baptised in that church or possibly in another.

20-01-13, 20:21
Thank you Elaine

I have been trying to find this baptism for Elizabeth, all her siblings were baptised at St Paul and St Peter Hammersmith Middlesex from 1821 to 1844 approximatedly. The parents of Elizabeth were married at St Mary Abbots Kensington so I have wondered if for some reason the parents went back their to have their daughter baptised.

Elaine ..Spain
20-01-13, 20:26
The images for St Mary Abbots are available on Ancestry so it might be worth looking through them just in case it hasn't been transcribed.

There is a baptism for a Lydia Purdy, 11 Nov 1821, parents George and Mary, Hammersmith St. Paul.
Do you know if this is a sibling, or could it possibly be Elizabeth under a different name!! (clutching at straws here!!)
Do you know the year Elizabeth was born?

20-01-13, 20:40
Yes, Lydia is a sibling. According the 1841 census (HO 107 690 5) Elizabeth was 15 (aged 15-19) so she could of been born between 1822 and 1826.

Good point Elaine .. I don't have Lydia on an 1841 census, could Elizabeth be Lydia I wonder? Lydia married in October of 1842 Chiswick.

Elaine ..Spain
20-01-13, 21:20
There is a Lydia Purdy living in Westminster, occ servant. born c1826 - which could be from 1822 to 1826.

21-01-13, 07:33
Elaine, Just had a look at that entry, so in this case possibly Elizabeth and Lydia are 2 different ladies.


Elaine ..Spain
21-01-13, 07:51
Do you have a marriage date for the parents? Any possibility of her being illegitimate?

21-01-13, 08:53
I don't think Elizabeth was, the only age I have of her is from the 1841 census.

Lydia was born October 1821 and baptised a month later. Parents George and Mary were married March 1821.