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16-01-13, 14:57
i have a marriage of thomas powton to elizabeth walker on 15 may 1813, coxwold, yorks. thomas was a bachelor of hovingham, in the north riding of yorkshire and elizabeth a spinster of this parish. witnesses: william grange and john buckle. thomas signed and elizabeth marked.

this was the only option i had for the marriage of my ancestors thomas powton and elizabeth. (i realise th eigi is not exhaustive).

my thomas was b.1792 thornton le beans, yorks.he was a labourer. elizabeth was b.1789 deighton by northallerton, yorks. their first child was born 1814 at north otterington, yorks (parish for thornton le beans), the other all born at leake yorks from 1816-1833. the surname is mistrancribed as poughton, poulton, ponston among others. i have traced the family through the census and to their deaths.

obviously i was prepared the marriage would not say thomas was from thornton le beans, but hovingham is 40 mins away from there. i understand hovingham is where this thomas was from at marriage, so it could still be my thomas.....couldn't it? am i clutching at straws?

Janet in Yorkshire
16-01-13, 18:22
Hovingham and Coxwold are fairly near other (Hovingham up on the hills, Coxwold in the plain at the bottom.)

Thornton le Beans, Northallerton and North Otterington all near to each other.

Leake is a "lost" village - Leake church stands in a field at the side of a busy trunk road (A19.) It's some miles away from any habitation and serves as the parish church for several villages to the east of this road.( My relatives lived in this area and I've been to a wedding and two funerals in the church.) So, I suspect your family lived in one of these hamlets/settlements but were baptised in Leake church, which was probably quite a large parish, area-wise, and perhaps the next ecclesiastical parish to Otterington.

Hovingham to Thornton le Beans - 40 min?? Doing the journey by car today is not as the crow flies and our ancestors probably took a shorter route (distance wise) when walking, using footpaths which are not negotiable by vehicles. I think your theory is feasible from a geographic point of view.


16-01-13, 21:28
I'd say it's possible too :smilee:

17-01-13, 03:11
oh wow, that's good news. thing is, there is an elizabeth walker ch.1790 deighton by northallerton, daughter of robert walker and elizabeth garry. elizabeth's siblings names all match with the names given to thomas and elizabeth's children. that's the main reason i think the marriage is there's.

thinking, thomas signed at marriage, maybe i could link his signature with one from a powton event. ordering marriages etc to see if thomas was a witness?

Janet in Yorkshire
17-01-13, 10:59
This website may be of general background interest to you. As well as the feature on Leake church, there are brief descriptions and photos of some of the surrounding villages/hamlets, most without churches, so could have come under Leake parish. (My relatives used to live at Knayton.)


The North Yorkshire villages link on the left will (eventually) lead you to features on both Coxwold & Hovingham, and perhaps some of the other villages you have an interest in.


17-01-13, 15:01
the powtons lived at knayton janet. thank you for that link, i recognise many of those villages from my research into this family!