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12-01-13, 16:34
I'm looking for Hannah Sarah Tilley nee Wyatt.born 1859 Portsea Portsmouth Hants. She was in Malta with her husband George in 1881. I'v found divorce papers for them 1886, still in Malta, he divorced her citing a John Calloway. George came back to England and remarried, but I can't find her any where. There wasn't any info on John Calloway in the paperwork, so don't know anything about him. I'm guessing she may have gone elsewhere abroad either with or without John. could some kind person have a look for me please.

Val wish Id never started
12-01-13, 16:52
someobdy has her in their tree on Ancestry and say she died between 1881 and 1882 ??? cant be right can it ?

12-01-13, 16:55
I'll have a look at that, but she had a dau in Malta 1881 and a son 1883 Malta, and divorce was definatly 1886. thanks for that

12-01-13, 16:59
Not finding on ancestry nor familysearch, tho there's a near miss - Galloway v Calloway:

Have you tried tracing John? Do you have more info about him?

12-01-13, 17:08
havan't got anything else about him apart from the name on the divorce papers, which is a bit of a shame, thought it might have given a bit more.

Val wish Id never started
12-01-13, 17:11
dont know whether this may be her ? a Hannah S Dobney born abt 1863 Portsmouth going from Canada to Buffalo in 1914 very bad writing


Chrissie Smiff
12-01-13, 17:24
It says the nearest relation to that one lived in Clacton on Sea, Essex. Does that ring any bells Jan?

Chrissie Smiff
12-01-13, 17:26
Oh that doesn't look like her - this looks like her in 1919 named Hannah Sopine (Sophia perhaps?) Dobney

12-01-13, 17:27
can't view that val, I've only got premuim, not worldwide. couldn't find Hannah Sarah on that persons tree on Ancestry either,(your previous post,) could you give me a bit more info on that please

Chrissie Smiff
12-01-13, 17:29
That one is single and was born Hannah Sophia in 1862 Portsea Island

12-01-13, 17:30
Chrissie, thanks, I'm not sure that is her, and the family were all from the portsea hants area,

12-01-13, 17:31
I've got her birth cert and def 1859,

Chrissie Smiff
12-01-13, 17:39
Yes Jan, that's what I meant. I think she looks like the same one that Val found in 1914.

12-01-13, 17:44
thanks chrisse, but I cant view it as it's telling me I need to upgrade to worldwide

Val wish Id never started
12-01-13, 18:03
I found that in the UK version ?

12-01-13, 18:05
ooops, sorry, clicked on the link and it came up as upgrade, will have a look lol

Val wish Id never started
12-01-13, 18:07
ooh that one is in the salvation army isnt she ? so my link isnt her then

Val wish Id never started
12-01-13, 18:12
have you seen this ? keep scrolling down to George Tilley maybe she can help you

12-01-13, 18:18
Val, that's her, she was George's second wife, then he remarried after the divorce, trying to find out where she went after, or if she remarried, ooohhh I so hate that woman.lol

Val wish Id never started
12-01-13, 18:23
oops really lol not much point asking her then :rotfl:

Val wish Id never started
12-01-13, 18:27
There is a June and a Peter on Genes with her in their tree have you tried contacting them ??

12-01-13, 18:35
June, is my mother, and peter a cousin, I assumed Hannah had died after giving birth in Malta as she disapeared off the radar, I've only in the past few weeks got the divorce papers which showed that she was still alive in 1886, so peter knows less than me, which at times isn't hard.lol
a big thank you for all your effert youv'e put in though

Val wish Id never started
12-01-13, 19:39
not so sure it is her now but have sent you the info