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17-12-12, 06:12
Hi, Just joined. My name is Brian Kirk from Melbourne, Australia . Left England nearly 60 years ago. I am new to the site and looking up information for burial, gravesites at Kimberworth Cemetery, Rotherham. Would be grateful for information on Richard JACKSON died about 1942. Lily SANDERSON (nee JACKSON) died .about 1933 and infant Paul M. KIRK died 1944. Cheers

Chrissie Smiff
23-12-12, 10:42
Hi Brian and welcome to FTF:)

I'm not quite sure if your post is in the the right section. Unless you are wanting someone to go to the cemetery and try to find the graves? If you know for sure that your ancestors are buried at this cemetery it migh be an idea to contact the cemetery first and ask if they can give you the grave numbers. Perhaps this link would help as it gives a link who to contact - http://www.rotherhamunofficial.co.uk/history/familyhistory/cemeteries.html

First though it would be useful if you had the correct details - All Rotherham reference -
Paul M Kirk who was born 1941 July-Sept 1941 died Oct-Dec 1941 (not 1944 as you thought).
Lily Jackson who was born Oct-Dec 1914 mmn Mook married Apr-June 1933 and died as Lily Sanderson (aged 19) April-June 1934
Richard Jackson - there are too many Richard Jackson deaths in Rotherham around 1942 to know which is him unless you can tell us when he was born.

Until you have more information to give someone local it may be more help to you if this thread was on the research section where more people would see it do you think? A moderator would be happy to move it for you if you think this would be a good idea.

26-12-12, 07:18
Hi Chrissie,
Thanks for the infomation re my relatives. It matched everything that I had been told years ago. I went to the online form enquiry in the link you gave me, but seems an enquiry from overseas cannot be completed as the one of details required (post code) is rejected. The Aussie postcode does'nt comply with a UK one. and being a requirement, the form cannot be completed. I will try and sort this out anyway. In the meantime I would be most grateful if you would let me know how you obtained the information in getting the details of my relatives. I was very impressed with how you responded so quickly with only having pretty basic information. I do have other relatives in Carlton cemetary in Blackpool and could check on those also.

Thanks again,

Chrissie Smiff
26-12-12, 10:02
It wasn't a quick reply for FTF:) On the Research section you usually get a reply within a few minutes, a day at the most. It was lucky I spotted your message on Research requests. I still wonder if your thread wouldn't be better on just the Research section, where there are more experienced researchers than me. Especially as I suspect that you are new to genelogy? If you would like help in researching any more of your relation I strongly advise you to contact a moderator and ask for it to be moved. You will see which ones are on line as their names are in colour at the bottom of the page. Anyway I'll do my best to answer.

I'm sorry you couldn't fill in the form because of the post code but you could write to them perhaps explaining why you couldn't fill in the form? The address is -
Rotherham Cemeteries and Crematorium - 20, Ridgeway - East Herringthorpe - Rotherham - South Yorkshire - S65 3NN

I found the details of the births and deaths using Ancestry, which I have a subscription for, and also from free BMD for the births. You will notice that I gave the references as July-Sept etc. That is because when the event was registered it was entered in to that quarter i.e. Jan-March, Apr-May,June-August and Sept-Oct. If a birth was registered in for instance Jan-March 1912 though the person may actually have been born in November 1911 or similar as people had a certain length of time to register them. This is the link for free BMD if you would like to take a look at it. There are instructions on the site explaining what you can find.

You mention Carlton Cemetery in Blackpool and there is a link again but it looks as though you have to post the form in and it costs £11 for a search. I don't know how you would convert that to Australian dollars but there is an e-mail address, so you could e-mail them and explain.

27-12-12, 08:58
Thanks Chrissie for your kind help. I have had feedback on a few of my enquiries which is very informative and your link to BMD is proving a wealth of info on other relatives too. I seem to be going in the right direction which is very encouraging and getting the hang of the system, which is proving very interesting.

Thanks again,

Chrissie Smiff
27-12-12, 09:58
Oops - sorry Brian, I have just read back my last reply and I see that I forgot to add the link to Carlton cemetery Blackpool -

I'm pleased that you are finding the free bmd site useful. Of course it doesn't have all the birth's marriages and deaths, especially in later years but there is somewhere on the site where you can check to see exactly what's available.

If you need more help don't hesitate to ask.