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12-11-12, 21:10
This wedding photo is, according to different family members, either 1877 or 1909. Although I don't know if either of those is correct. Can anyone help put a date on it?


Jill on the A272
14-11-12, 07:11
Wow, those hats look heavily laden! 1909, I have similar fashions in a wedding photo, you can browse our Costume Gallery here.

Costume Gallery (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Family_Tree_Forum_Costume_Gallery) the 1900 & 1910 sections have some similar fashions.

14-11-12, 09:16
I would also say 1909. I have a family wedding photo from 1912 where the ladies are similarly dressed - especially the hats!

17-11-12, 19:32
Your photograph was taken c1909. There are many clues within the picture to point you to this date. The hemline on the skirts for instance were below the level that you see displayed here pre 1909 as from 1909/10 they rose to be level with the ankle shewing the feet, from 1912 they rose even higher and by the start of the first World War they were roughly mid calf. The skirt itself can also be used as a dating guide in the way that it is worn. Seperate from a bodice and without pleating it is worn with a blouse (and without the women wearing any form of over jacket I would hazard a guess and say that this would also indicate a spring or summer wedding), the style of the blouses worn, Bishop sleeves and high necklines, would also be a strong indication of this date. The hats worn by the women would also be correct for this period as they reached shoulder width before decreasing in size by 1912.

20-11-12, 05:14
Jill, Sue, and Don - thank you so much!