View Full Version : Very small pic can anything be done??

Lilly the flower
09-11-12, 19:45
Hi. hopefully I have left a small pic below, (my 1st time?: ) anyway it is only a couple of inches big, its not an actually paper picture, its on a kind of metal, (I am not a photographer :rolleyes:) anyway can it be made a bit lighter does anyone think? would be very good if it could...:) many thanks...:Lilly...so sorry its so big paper that is....:(



Val wish Id never started
09-11-12, 21:11
made it clearer but you really need to upload a larger image onto here I'm afraid I'm no expert on Photos somebody else will come along and do a much better job I'm sure

Lilly the flower
09-11-12, 21:23
Hi Val, thank you so much, its is a lot better, the problem with this picture it really is only 2x2 inches, if I try to make it bigger, it will be come distortion, so there is my problem.....thanks anyway....:)...

Val wish Id never started
09-11-12, 21:30
am sure an expert will come along and do a great job

Lilly the flower
09-11-12, 21:32
They already have...:).....Lilly

11-11-12, 22:54
It would appear that you have scanned the image and the whole of the scanner bed too. Try again with settings of 300 dpi ,but select to do a preview then adjust the scan area to scan just the image. This will give a much better image to work on

as it is not a lot can be done with it

Photo Restorer
22-11-12, 20:24

looking at the original you've posted it's simply a scanning issue. If you scan the photo as described above, whereby you're just scanning the photo you should be able to expand and restore the photo without issue. We recently restored a photo that was about 1 and a half inches square and badly damaged. After restoration we were able to provide the customer with a 6 x 4 inch photo that visibly had lost very little clarity. If you're having any issues pm me.

23-11-12, 10:42
here you go Lilly

have a look at this, it should explain things a little bit better (its from our Reference Library)