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  1. photos to be fixed pleased
  2. Help needed to restore very old picture
  3. Date & ages help please
  4. Clean up of a few photos please
  5. Photo of my Great Grandmother
  6. Photo restoration
  7. Photo restoration of these Australian pioneers
  8. Can anyone help with this faded photo?
  9. More help please?
  10. Alonzo Makey 1 & 2
  11. My Great-Grandfather Alonzo Makey
  12. Picture Restore Question
  13. can someone help restore old photo please
  14. How do I put a photo on here
  15. Can someone restore this photo from 1924 please?
  16. Restoring Granddad
  17. Photo alteraion please (if possible)
  18. Photo restoration if possible please
  19. Clean up of some photos!
  20. First attempt. please tidy
  21. My Grandad!
  22. photo fix please
  23. Solomon Smith touch up possible?
  24. My 4x great grandparents could do with a clean up!
  25. please could you get this any better
  26. Can this be sharpened
  27. could these be fixed pleased?
  28. Just needs sharpening
  29. Can anyone date this please ?
  30. Bad Pics
  31. Bad Pics 2
  32. Improvement/possibly light colouring please?
  33. Coull brothers NZealand - minor restoration if possible
  34. Is there any hope
  35. Restoration of scanned miniature paintings - is this a challenge too far?
  36. Can this be sharpened??
  37. Can these be darkened?
  38. Can anybody help with creases ?
  39. Can this be cleared up a little?
  40. Could someone restore my sister in law please?
  41. Another sister in law pic for repair please
  42. Coronation Party 1953
  43. Help with dating a photo
  44. Can anyone improve this photo please?
  45. Can anyone date this photo
  46. Family for cleaning please
  47. Brother and sister for renovation please
  48. Can this be cleaned up please?
  49. If anyone has time
  50. Bridesmaid for tinting please!
  51. Two bridesmaids for tinting please!
  52. Family group for cleaning please
  53. Bridal party for colouring please
  54. Bride and groom for colouring please
  55. 1930s photo for restoration please
  56. Probably too tricky to touch up
  57. Can this be restored please
  58. Can this car be removed ?
  59. House pic for un-fading please
  60. Help with dating photo
  61. Unusual photo alteration request !
  62. Can anyone help to date these photo's please?
  63. Can you tidy up this little black and white photo?
  64. Can anyone tidy up this photo
  65. Another tidy up please
  66. Framing old pictures etc
  67. Man in uniform but what date and regiment? Can any body help??
  68. Can this be tidied up, please
  69. Could someone brighten
  70. Is it possible to tidy up this faded photograph
  71. Is it possible to tidy up this faded photograph from 1912
  72. Pirate pic for improving please
  73. Old Portrait
  74. Can this be inproved at all please ?
  75. Might be too far gone to be improved ?
  76. Nurse for improvement please
  77. Please could somone improve this photo
  78. Photographers in Maidstone 1919
  79. are these the same people?
  80. Grandma for restoration please
  81. Another version of Grandma for restoration please
  82. Grandma again
  83. Grandma in a very bad way!
  84. Blurred pic of Lancaster crew
  85. Can anything be done with this?
  86. could these be cleaned up please?
  87. more for cleanup please
  88. Mother-in-law for tidy-up please
  89. Can anything be done with this?
  90. Family group for restoration please
  91. Can Nan be improved ?
  92. Little brother and sister for improving please
  93. Another creased brother and sister
  94. Could someone please clean up my Browns from Houston
  95. Any idea of date?
  96. Elegant hat for improvement please
  97. A second view of elegant hat
  98. Another hat!
  99. 1940s Bride and groom have been tango'd!
  100. Mother and baby for restoration please
  101. Mother-in-law for cleaning please!
  102. Idea of date, and same men?
  103. Guinea Pig and mother-in-law for restoration please!
  104. Brother and sister in need of repair please
  105. Mother, children and cat for treatment please!
  106. can these be cleaned up/made clearer
  107. Probably a bit tricky
  108. 1940s engagement photo for clean-up please
  109. A nose job!
  110. Do I need an origianl to blow up?
  111. Please can any one date the photo I've posted under Family History Research
  112. Not family history as such, but I wonder....
  113. Photo clean up please
  114. Mason perhaps
  115. dating photos
  116. Father-in-law for cleaning please
  117. Father-in-law in a bad way!
  118. help with photo please
  119. can any one help with restoring this photo that has faded with age please.
  120. great grand father peter mconkey is a bit faded can someone please fix him
  121. can any help with this photo its a pitty they fade with age than you
  122. a beautiful family photo but dad lost his eye can any give it back to him please
  123. Hello Sailor!
  124. HMS Walker, 1940s
  125. WW2 Japanese kamikaze plane
  126. HMS Indomitable 1940s
  127. great grandfather needs a little fixing please
  128. greatgrandfather in the boaer was a little faded
  129. Anybody date these photos please
  130. a bit hard to see great grandmother
  131. edges are little tattered
  132. photo needs a bit of a clean up please
  133. Can any one help with restoring this photo that has faded with age please.
  134. need freshing up please
  135. a bit tattered
  136. does anyone know this person
  137. private thompson does anyone know anything about him
  138. another one we dont know who she is?
  139. Portrait photos of father-in-law for cleaning please
  140. Father-in-law portrait no. 2
  141. Father-in-law portrait no. 3
  142. family photo needs a clean up please
  143. Young boy scout needs cleaning!
  144. Parents-in-law for cleaning please
  145. pop mcconkey has a crease across his head
  146. Here's a real challenge!
  147. can we clear the fog please
  148. family gathering needs a little clean please
  149. Tidy up for Diamond Wedding Anniversary
  150. Can you tidy this up, please.
  151. Another challenge
  152. Help with a WW1 photo please
  153. Can anyone date this photo please. Think it is Great Grandmother
  154. Grandmother's first family
  155. great great grandma a bit fuzzy
  156. family needs ironing out have a few creases
  157. Help with little Alan
  158. Great Uncle Tom
  159. Photo
  160. Photo Restoration Needed
  161. Another restoration needed .... PLEASE
  162. Challenge my early memories photo
  163. Help Please
  164. KENNEDY Family photo needs improving
  165. Picture help
  166. Carmel House
  167. Photo restorations please
  168. Photo Cleaning Help needed.
  169. Help Lightening a photo
  170. Can you please remove the creases from my Dad
  171. Very small pic can anything be done??
  172. Another two restorations needed please
  173. Need help dating this photo
  174. Need 2 Photos Joined
  175. Can anyone help?
  176. New photo, dirty face!
  177. wording on old photo
  178. 21st century?
  179. Uniform help.
  180. An odd request.
  181. Is this uniform fancy dress?
  182. Are these men wearing a typ of uniform?
  183. What is the best way to preserve old photos?
  184. Tired old photo copy
  185. repair pic
  186. Are these 2 photo's the same person?
  187. Can anyone clear these please?
  188. Document to be cleaned
  189. Long Shot but need some help
  190. Anyone recognise where they were taken?
  191. help restore dads RAAF pic please
  192. Help needed with...
  193. 19th batt middlesex reg "transport on the rhine"
  194. Is anyone able to clean these two photos up?
  195. Tricky situation.
  196. Is it possible to clean these up?
  197. Help Needed to Enhance Mystery Soldier's Photo
  198. Clean up grubby schoolboys & date please
  199. my 3rd cousin!!!
  200. Old burial plot
  201. Can anyone help these apprentice plumbers in Burnley 1952 with their fuzziness?
  202. German Military
  203. when i hover over pic no link box.
  204. thankyou photo h'fully loaded. can someone help with b'ground.
  205. Nothing major but anyone fancy improving this 1951 b and w pic of airman?
  206. Cleaning Charlie
  207. Free Photo Restoration Tutorial
  208. Photo Edit Software
  209. Posting question
  210. Can anything be done with these?
  211. Can anything be done with this?
  212. Any idea what this uniform could be please?
  213. Tidy up please
  214. What can I post here ?
  215. Old photo's - how to upload
  216. Date of photograph?
  217. Assistance with interpreting a photo
  218. Unidentified photos
  219. Anybody brave enough to have a go at Beautifying and dating.
  220. Maximum picture file size that FTM will download
  221. Copying Old Photos
  222. Can anyone help?
  223. Can anyone help please?
  224. John Poole - a problem
  225. Is there a woman?
  226. Help re restoring photo
  227. Can anyone identify the cap-badge?
  228. What would you use to identify photo's?
  229. upload photos
  230. Need help indentifying time period
  231. Someone to decipher a very old document
  232. Clean death certificate
  233. Guy and Gladys wedding photo to restore please
  234. Guy Lance 1917
  235. Army uniform
  236. Can this be fixed please?
  237. Can someone help me restore these two pictures?
  238. Help identifying individual in photo
  239. Dates of photos and ages
  240. Regiment help please
  241. The "happy" couple
  242. 1899 costume
  243. Genealogist Photo
  244. help with dads raaf photo please
  245. Colour fix needed
  246. Crease mark help please?
  247. Brick removal please
  248. Can anyone read this?
  249. I am a new girl finding her way around!
  250. Clean photo and decipher