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  1. Clean up needed
  2. Age of photo please
  3. Terrible picture can anyone help please
  4. Can someone restore my great great grandfather please?
  5. Restoration of photos
  6. could someone tell me how old this picture is?
  7. Could this be fixed up please?
  8. Two certificates need cleaning up.
  9. I do not if this has worked
  10. Help please
  11. Opinions on the ages of the children please.
  12. one to be fixed please
  13. Could someone give me a clean up please
  14. Can this ladies dress be repaired
  15. A bit of tweaking please
  16. Can you restore this photo please?
  17. Could anyone possibly improve this pic please?
  18. Uniform ID please
  19. Uniform ID please
  20. Old Photo
  21. My Mum
  22. a big miricle please can this
  23. Could this be cleaned up?
  24. Any chance of an improvement to this?
  25. Help please needed - picture torn
  26. Can you make a portrait from this wedding picture?
  27. please help
  28. can you help with a year?
  29. Picture Improvement Needed
  30. Sellicks in Huntspill
  31. Newspaper Article Needs Retouching
  32. Will interpretation and cleaning of same.
  33. Can you make this clearer please
  34. Taylor
  35. Can anyone improve this picture please
  36. Help for a special photo please
  37. May be impossible but can anyone help please
  38. Can this be sharpened up please
  39. Another one please
  40. Would anyone mind?
  41. Photo Clean up please
  42. Two more aging FH Pics
  43. Could someone restore my great great grandmother please?
  44. What photography software do people use?
  45. Clean up please
  46. Another tidy up please!
  47. Another one please
  48. Sharpen up please
  49. New 2 all this ,would like a photo edited please
  50. Pretty Please
  51. Another one please
  52. Not directly family related
  53. Beautiful Chelsea
  54. Could this photo be repaired please.
  55. photos need work please
  56. Tidy up required please
  57. Gorgeous Skye
  58. Picture Restoration Help Needed Please
  59. Another tidy up please
  60. Clean up please
  61. My Friends & i at a party sometime in the 1960s
  62. Can someone join this picture together please.
  63. Please can someone do some stitching :)
  64. Scratch removal please
  65. Photo Restore Please
  66. Color Please
  67. Only picture of Nanny holding me is damaged
  68. Could someone put some colour on this photo please
  69. Could this be sharpened up a bit please?
  70. Could someone please brighten
  71. Can anyone help with the attached photo please?
  72. do you remember.....
  73. Car removal please
  74. Washed out photo
  75. Thanks For Your Help
  76. Help with photo please
  77. help with a picture
  78. Any kind offers please ?
  79. Can this be improved and some colour added please ?
  80. Any idea on the approximate date of this photo please?
  81. Removal
  82. Acid-free Pens for Photographs ...
  83. Photo dating help please, not confident with my own theories...
  84. So thrilled with this photo I have to share it with you!
  85. Can anyone improve this picture of my Dad's aunty taken c.1894. She died in 1907.
  86. Can anyone take out the
  87. Is anyone brave enough to attempt this?
  88. Would someone mind giving this picture..........
  89. Opinion Sought
  90. Can anyone improve this picture please?
  91. Please could someone improve this one too?
  92. Can anyone improve this so the writing can be seen ?
  93. Can this one be improved at all please ?
  94. car removal please
  95. Old Photos Needed
  96. Can anything be done with this photocopy?
  97. Can this photo be improved please?
  98. Can you give this a clean up, please
  99. Can someone improve this please
  100. Photo clean up please
  101. Clean up for this photo please
  102. Another for a clean up please.
  103. Can these 2 images be improved please
  104. Who is this ? !!!!
  105. photo fix up please
  106. photo clean up please
  107. Can anyone help repair this picture please
  108. can this please be made better and a frame
  109. family pic for restoring.
  110. What photo software for windows 7
  111. Michael Rogers
  112. Dating this Photograph... Anyone????
  113. Can this be cleaned up please
  114. Thoughts on a photo please
  115. 272 BEAUFIGHTER MALTA SQUADRON - Related documentary available for online viewing
  116. Can you date these firefighters please?
  117. Second opinion re photo please
  118. Help with a photograph please
  119. Could Someone Date This Photograph For me Please?
  120. please can someone repair this
  121. Identify Uniform please
  122. Are these the same people? (help with identification please)
  123. help with photo please
  124. Help with photo please ... mum, sister , mother, grandmothers
  125. Help needed with two photos
  126. Date of photo portrait?
  127. Can someone identify an old car please
  128. Which war ?
  129. Scottish dress uniform
  130. Color Please
  131. Could someone please make this better?
  132. Great Great Grandparents
  133. Photo Dating (1950s/60s)
  134. Writing on the back of digital photos
  135. Can anything be done with this please?
  136. what century is this?
  137. Could this be lightened please?
  138. A Challenge please
  139. 1910 Christening
  140. Can this be cleaned up please?
  141. 2nd attempt! 1910 Christening.
  142. 3rd Attempt! 1910 Christening.
  143. Photo Restoration Needed Please
  144. can this one be be repaired please ?
  145. 1890s? Can anyone be more precise...?
  146. Grandparents touch up help
  147. Photo Restoration Please
  148. Sizing photos for uploading
  149. Please could someone smarten this up
  150. A restoration please
  151. Help Needed
  152. photos
  153. can anyone date this photo
  154. Restoration Please
  155. Help ~> dating of victorian photographs.
  156. I need your opinions please!
  157. any ideas on the date
  158. Can anyone clean this photo up for me .?
  159. Picture enhancement, please
  160. Help in dating photo please
  161. Is it the same woman???
  162. Photo dating if possible please
  163. A Clean Up please
  164. Restoration please
  165. Is this the same woman please?
  166. Date help please?
  167. I can't see my dog ! lol
  168. Photo Restoration please
  169. Photo for restoration please.
  170. Still stuck on this one....
  171. These are a bit dark could
  172. Could this photo be
  173. Photo for restoration please.
  174. How do I "cut" a circle?
  175. Two pics for restoration please
  176. Are these the same people ?
  177. Locket with Photograph of a Lady Inside
  178. Any chance of this photo being dated?
  179. Another dating!
  180. Could someone restore me please?
  181. Year of photo
  182. Some advice on a photo please!
  183. Year, age, same person please?
  184. 1950s holiday snaps
  185. Solomon Smith touch up please
  186. increasing pixels
  187. Wedding photograph
  188. Farm horse & farmer
  189. Any ideas on date please
  190. wedding help
  191. Restoration Please
  192. Photo date
  193. Photo Restoration 2
  194. old threads
  195. Help to date this photo please!!!
  196. How do I attach an old photo which is in my pictures file to a message?
  197. Date please
  198. Can anyone help date this photo please
  199. Can this be cleaned up please?
  200. Another challenge please
  201. Can anything be done with this please ? (& what regiment ?)
  202. Can these be cleaned please ?
  203. thoughts on this photo please
  204. Could this photo be cropped to remove the arm and the people at the top
  205. A clean up please
  206. Photos for my gran
  207. Bit of a cheek but can a couple of photos be colourised please
  208. Could anyone make this photo clearer for me please?
  209. Can somebody do the background please
  210. Could someone remove
  211. Can this be dated and cleaned please?
  212. 2 more for dating and cleaning please
  213. Photo Request
  214. A challenge for you!
  215. Please can anyone make this look nicer thanks
  216. Dating Photographs
  217. Photo restoration package.
  218. Combining two pictures together
  219. Taking out line
  220. Photo Request
  221. Photo sorted thank you
  222. Photo of Elizabeth Poles 1842-1917
  223. Dating of photos
  224. Oval shape
  225. A clean up please
  226. 3 for restoration please
  227. For a clean up please
  228. Morfydd Harry's photos
  229. Newpaper article sharpened up.
  230. Can anything be done with this please
  231. Percy J Sanson, Photographers, Doncaster
  232. Looking for photo's
  233. Which Brother?
  234. Approximate year and age also restoration please
  235. How do you put a frame around a picture
  236. E-mailing a photo at higher DPI ??? help
  237. please date this photograph
  238. Can somebody do a quick restore please
  239. can someone restore these please
  240. Can anyone do anything with this please?
  241. Which Regiment?
  242. Is someone able to repair these??
  243. For a clean up please
  244. Can anyone do a clean up on this pic please?
  245. Can anyone fill in background on this one for me please?
  246. Can you help restore Great Uncle Tom
  247. Can somebody just tidy these up please
  248. can anyone merge 2 photos together?
  249. Your help would be appreicated....
  250. England family photo