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  1. uniform
  2. another uniform
  3. Can someone tell me sabout this uniform?
  4. My Heritage - Photo Tagger
  5. A Soldier
  6. photo date please
  7. photo of Rebecca Seaton from WDWTYA
  8. Cornish Gilbert's.
  9. Any more info?
  10. Could anyone put a date on these please?
  11. Are these the same person? Help please...
  12. Collages
  13. Date of Picture
  14. Any idea of the date or uniform please
  15. 2 girls? Ages? Date?
  16. Help with a date and age please
  17. Taken in 1868?
  18. Identifying Strange Balls
  19. Any idea what profession is listed below..?
  20. Date & age of couple, please
  21. uniform id police year?
  22. Date, age, etc, please
  23. Photo/clothing Dating Please
  24. Date/age/male Or Female
  25. cooper photos
  26. Some photos of my late wife's ancestors
  27. Is there a clue in the collar?
  28. WW1 Photo, taken from great uncle's body
  29. Photo 1880s anyone know photographer? ROBERTS LIVERPOOL
  30. Photo restoration advice for a novice please
  31. I need a clever photo person to remove an object
  32. Is anyone a photo miracle worker?
  33. Date for this photo and how old do you reckon the woman was?
  34. In search of...
  35. Best Applications to use?
  36. Can anyone date this photo?
  37. Unifrom i d please.
  38. And another...
  39. Could anyone have a go at dating this this please.
  40. Another to date please....
  41. Can you date cousin Lucy please?
  42. Baby photos
  43. Photo restoration: Can anyone repair this please ?
  44. Unidentified photos from Madeley, Telford, Shropshire
  45. Old Photos
  46. Photo restoration: please
  47. Opinions please
  48. Photo Dating
  49. Photo restoration: Could these be fixed please
  50. Photo restoration: could anyone please restore this picture
  51. Another one to date please
  52. Photo restoration: Can anyone make this any better Please
  53. UK Picture/photo dating site
  54. Photo restoration: please ..
  55. Photo restoration: new member request
  56. Including images in posts
  57. Improve and date?
  58. Photo Restoration doubtful but hoping
  59. Photo Restoration - Pretty Pretty Please.
  60. Can Anyone Recognise The Uniform, etc???
  61. Can Anyone Recognise The Uniform, etc???
  62. Photo restoration
  63. POW photo - sign removal
  64. Boys
  65. Photo restoration: Can a photo wizard revive granny Please?
  66. Colour on photos
  67. My Photoshop Tutorials
  68. Date and Restore Please
  69. Photo album problems
  70. help dating photo
  71. Photo Restoration: Can someone improve these please?
  72. Photo restoration please
  73. Two for restoration please
  74. Two babies needing some tlc
  75. Photo Restoration Please
  76. Help Needed
  77. Two more for restoration please
  78. Date Needed
  79. One more for restoration please - last one for now!
  80. can i have these restored please
  81. Photo restoration
  82. Photo Restoration- Please and Thanks
  83. Help Restoring Great Granny please.
  84. Restoration of a very worn photo please ?
  85. Arthur Rowland
  86. Can this be made clearer
  87. Opinions please
  88. Photo restoration
  89. Can this be colourised ?
  90. Two little girls needing improvement please
  91. Clothing c1915
  92. If anyone has time please
  93. date and age
  94. can this be improved thanks very much
  95. And her mother thanks
  96. Not exactly a family photo
  97. can these be made bigger please
  98. Photos printed in negative
  99. postcard pinboard montage
  100. Can someone remove my cracks please ?
  101. Holiday Photo Montage
  102. Very pixellated photos. Help, please
  103. Help with dating photos, please
  104. Rachel
  105. Too far gone ?
  106. Help please.
  107. help with dress and era
  108. Three bridal pics for renovation please
  109. This is probably too far gone, but.....
  110. Could you do some first aid on this one
  111. Sorry need help
  112. Could these be seperated please
  113. Can someone repair Fred please?
  114. POW Photo
  115. photo clean up please
  116. Victorian Montages
  117. Squirrel shooting Oregon 1919
  118. Photo wizard needed for POW photos please
  119. How many photos fit on a cd please?
  120. Help please!
  121. Question on how to store digital photos
  122. Help with naval uniform please
  123. Glen in Tinsel Knickers
  124. Would someone improve this for me please?
  125. One for restoration please
  126. Photo restoration please
  127. Another For Restoration Please
  128. One more for clean-up please
  129. Help with transferring images to a DVD
  130. Centralising an image please
  131. Advice please on copying old photos
  132. Final one for cleaning please!
  133. great grandparents wedding pic
  134. can this one be made clearer please
  135. Bit of a tidy please
  136. Can anyone brighten this lovely picture up
  137. Photo Clean Up Please
  138. A tidy & colour please
  139. Photo Clean Up Please
  140. Photo Clean Up Please
  141. Sharpen with colour please
  142. Can anybody do anything with this please
  143. removal of brown patch, please.
  144. Wedding group clean up please
  145. Can this be fixed
  146. Photo restoration
  147. can somebody get rid of the creases please
  148. Me and little bruvva
  149. my Aunt's husband's Army photo
  150. Photos
  151. Photo
  152. Decphier this?
  153. One for restoration and brightening please
  154. A car for colouring please
  155. We're both as faded as the photo now!
  156. Can anyone do anything with this please? Would colour be wrong do you think?
  157. A big favour to ask I know
  158. Can anyone remove his hat please?
  159. Can anyone tidy these up please
  160. Can someone please colour my family?
  161. I would love to see colour in this please.
  162. Seaside pics for restoration and colouring please
  163. Two more seaside pics please!
  164. Please can you improve this picture for me
  165. Might I ask a favour?
  166. Having problems uploading picture
  167. could someone fix this for me please
  168. Could this be fixed pleae
  169. Fix My Grandad Please
  170. Colour adjustment needed please
  171. digital photos
  172. Could someone restore these donkeys please?
  173. Can someone fix my grandparents?
  174. WW2 what uniform?
  175. Is there any hope for this? Restoration Help Please
  176. Photo restoration
  177. Anyone fancy recolouring these Butlins Bathing Belles please?
  178. Another Butlins one for recolouring please.
  179. Butlins 1948 - could someone recolour it please?
  180. Great Grandfather Pic Need Restoration Please
  181. Shropshire HADLEY
  182. Last Butlins one for recolouring please!
  183. Photo Restoration and Colour Please
  184. Opinions please
  185. Can anyone date these photos please
  186. Can someone remove the child
  187. Whitsuntide Fashions!
  188. More Whitsuntide fashions...
  189. Photo Restoration needed
  190. Can anyone improve this please?
  191. Faulconbridges......
  192. And another Whitsuntide fashion show
  193. School Photo Forest Gate Circa WW1
  194. Can anyone remove the scaffolding?
  195. Boogiewoogie Bugle Boy of Company D
  196. Another Wedding Photo for Colouring Please
  197. More School Photos Forest Gate
  198. Last one for a while
  199. Photo restoration guide books
  200. Can someone tidy me dad up ?
  201. Can someone alter the colour please?
  202. Is it possible to improve this?
  203. can this be made bigger and clearer please
  204. Any idea of date please
  205. Could someone remove a mark please?
  206. Can this photo be improved any please?
  207. Can someone please fix and add color ?
  208. Can Color Be Added Please
  209. I say Victorian, but
  210. Restoration please...
  211. Date this photo
  212. Numpty
  213. Help with Photo Bucket please
  214. Photo dating / medal identification
  215. Restoration and Lightening please
  216. negs
  217. An impossible task?
  218. Grandparents
  219. Year this photo was taken please?
  220. Date this photo please?
  221. Can anyone take out the background of this please?
  222. How do you convert a photo into a sketch?
  223. From Uruguay
  224. Help comments unnamed photo
  225. Help to retouch the Rennie family photos
  226. Does anyone have Adobe photoshop.....
  227. Remove the sky please
  228. Could someone restore my Mum please?
  229. Help with year please
  230. Uniform, service & approx. yr..........
  231. Pennyfarthings
  232. Wedding pic for restoration please
  233. Could someone clean up this one please?
  234. Impossible Photo?
  235. Could someone do a bit of repair work please?
  236. Help with age & date please
  237. Another age/date please
  238. Please can someone work a miracle on this?
  239. Smokey Looking Damage
  240. can this be made clearer and bigger
  241. Useful guides
  242. minor editing needed please
  243. Very grainy photo which I don't........
  244. Could someone un-crease my Dad please?
  245. Photo for restoration and identification of uniform please
  246. Can this one be cleaned up and colored please
  247. Could someone,
  248. Another challenging one please..........
  249. Photo for restoration and dating please
  250. Date opinions for Costume Gallery